Bubbles – A Simple Joy

The sensory benefits of bubbles


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At The Puddle Project, we understand the importance of providing enriching sensory experiences for individuals with complex needs, autism, and ADHD. One of the simple yet incredibly effective tools that have captured the hearts of our service users is the humble bubble machine. Beyond its whimsical charm, the bubble machine offers numerous sensory benefits, making it a cost-effective and delightful addition to our sensory toolkit.

Sensory Stimulation:

For individuals with complex needs, autism, and ADHD, sensory stimulation is a key component in promoting overall well-being. The gentle floating of bubbles through the air provides a visually captivating experience, engaging users and promoting focus. The visual stimulation can be both calming and exciting, depending on the individual’s preferences and needs.

Auditory Engagement:

The soft hum of the bubble machine adds an auditory dimension to the sensory experience. Many individuals with autism and ADHD find comfort in rhythmic sounds, and the gentle whirr of the bubble machine creates a soothing atmosphere. This auditory engagement can contribute to a more relaxed state and improved sensory processing.

Tactile Exploration:

Interacting with bubbles involves reaching out and touching them as they float by. This tactile engagement encourages individuals to explore their surroundings in a non-intrusive and enjoyable manner. The lightweight nature of bubbles allows for a gentle touch, making it an ideal sensory activity for those with sensitivities to touch.

Social Interaction:

Bubbles have a magical way of bringing people together. The shared experience of watching and popping bubbles can foster social interaction and communication skills. The joyous atmosphere created by the bubble machine encourages group participation, providing opportunities for individuals to connect with their peers and caregivers.

Cost-Effective Sensory Solution:

One of the remarkable aspects of using a bubble machine is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to other sensory toys and equipment, bubble machines are relatively inexpensive. This affordability makes them accessible for a wide range of individuals and organisations, ensuring that the benefits of sensory engagement are not limited by financial constraints.


At The Puddle Project, we celebrate the simple pleasures that enhance the lives of individuals with complex needs, autism, and ADHD. The enchanting world of bubbles, facilitated by our trusty bubble machines, exemplifies the power of sensory engagement in promoting well-being. From visual and auditory stimulation to tactile exploration and social interaction, bubbles provide a holistic sensory experience that is both magical and cost-effective. As we continue to explore innovative ways to support our service users, the joyful allure of bubbles remains a steadfast favourite, bringing smiles and sensory delight to all who encounter them.

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