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The sensory value of play-doh


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‘Tis the season of joy, and at The Puddle Project, Families United is turning the winter blues into a burst of laughter and creativity every month. This charitable organisation, dedicated to supporting children with complex needs and their families, knows how to bring chaos and mayhem in the most delightful way possible.

As the chilly winds usher in the holiday spirit, Families United has been sprinkling their special brand of magic at The Puddle Project. With activities ranging from golf to crafts to a popcorn cinema experience, there’s one simple pleasure that stole the show – the timeless joy of Play-Doh.

Families United enjoying the facilities at The Puddle Project
Families United playing golf at The Puddle Project

Picture this: a room filled with laughter, families huddled around tables, and a kaleidoscope of colours emerging from little hands moulding and shaping Play-Doh. The sensory benefits of this squishy wonder are not just for the kids; adults are equally enchanted by the therapeutic magic of Play-Doh.

Families United

Amidst the winter hustle and bustle, it’s the simplest things that leave the biggest impact. Play-Doh, with its soft texture and vibrant hues, becomes a bridge connecting generations. The tactile experience of squishing and moulding allows for a sensory journey that stimulates not just touch but also sight and imagination.

For the children with complex needs, Play-Doh offers a unique sensory outlet. The pliability of the dough provides a calming effect, helping to improve fine motor skills and coordination. It’s not just play; it’s a form of therapy that transcends the boundaries of age and ability.

As the festive season envelops our lives, the joy found in the simple act of moulding Play-Doh becomes a reminder that sometimes the most profound happiness comes from the uncomplicated. The Puddle Project has witnessed the transformation of a table full of Play-Doh into a canvas of creativity and shared laughter, proving that happiness truly knows no bounds.

So, as winter settles in and Christmas decorations start to adorn our surroundings, let’s celebrate the magic of Play-Doh. Families United has mastered the art of turning chaos into cherished moments, one squish at a time. After all, in the world of Play-Doh, every squeeze is a step closer to a masterpiece and every moment a memory etched in colourful dough.

Families United Christmas

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