Sensory Toys

A breakdown of all the latest sensory toys.

  • Play-Doh Magic

    Play-Doh Magic

    ‘Tis the season of joy, and at The Puddle Project, Families United is turning the winter blues into a burst of laughter and creativity every month.

  • Weighted Sensory Toys

    Weighted Sensory Toys

    In the ever-evolving landscape of therapeutic tools and aids, weighted sensory toys have emerged as a valuable resource for individuals seeking comfort, focus, and relaxation.

  • Baby Booster

    Baby Booster

    Babies are naturally curious beings, and as they explore the world around them, sensory experiences play a crucial role in their development.

  • Unique Wishes from MacIntyre Charity

    Unique Wishes from MacIntyre Charity

    At MacIntyre Charity, our dear friends decided to share their special wishes for sensory equipment, reminding us that sensory experiences are as diverse as the people who enjoy them.

  • A Squishy Uprising!

    A Squishy Uprising!

    Squishmallows, initially designed as soft and huggable plush toys, have gained immense popularity among children and adults alike.

  • Sensory Slime: Gooey Giggles

    Sensory Slime: Gooey Giggles

    Among the various sensory toys available, one option that stands out for its affordability and versatility is slime.

  • Learning Through Play

    Learning Through Play

    Learning is a fundamental aspect of a child’s development, but for children with Autism and ADHD, traditional learning methods can be challenging.

  • Articulated Sensory Toys

    Articulated Sensory Toys

    Articulated sensory toys come in various shapes and sizes, providing individuals with autism and ADHD a wide range of options to help manage sensory challenges and improve focus.

  • Exploring the World of Water Beads

    Exploring the World of Water Beads

    Water beads, also known as hydro-gel beads or sensory orbs, have gained popularity as an exceptional sensory toy for those with complex needs.